If your home has older home windows there’s a high opportunity you are missing out on the plethora of advantages that brand-new home windows can supply. New technologies in style mean that modern-day home windows can assist boost our quality of life, from conserving us cash on our power expenses, to maintaining us warmer in the cold weather.

We have actually compiled a list of the most appealing benefits homeowners will obtain after buying brand-new windows.

Replacing your home windows will certainly boost your residences power performance

Double glazed home windows are an ideal energy reliable selection with the added benefit of reducing noise. The secured space in between both panes of glass is filled with argon gas. Considering that argon gas is so thick, it functions as a great thermal obstacle. This added thermal resistance decreases the amount of warm running away in winter and also maintains your home at a much more comfortable temperature. Discover even more concerning the power efficiency of our windows, in addition to the alternative of updating to triple glazing.

New windows will stop drafts

Can you really feel a cool draft can be found in via your windows? One of the most typical reasons for window drafts is the window seal coming to be inadequate. When the seal in a double or three-way glazed window fails to seal properly, the argon gas that is in between the panels will certainly run away. When this occurs your house’s power efficiency will certainly plummet, as well as you will certainly begin to really feel a draft. Not just will your heating bills increase as you attempt to maintain your family members warm, but a busted seal can likewise create air to can leak in between the panes and also create condensation.

Condensation will certainly often bring about mold as well as mildew growth as a result of the quantity of dampness existing. If left in the residence, this can cause additional damages by spreading out into your wall surfaces which can possibly trigger architectural damages over time. Prolonged direct exposure to high degrees of condensation can additionally decrease lung function and cause, or worsen, chronic illness such as bronchial asthma.

Investing in modern windows from Turkington will certainly ensure your home windows are safe from drafts, keeping your household secure and warm whilst saving you money on your heating expenses.

New home windows are easier to keep tidy

Another benefit of changing your windows is that you will inevitably need to spend less time cleaning them A great deal of us lead incredibly active lives and also the last thing we intend to make with our extra time is invest it preserving our home windows! Both uPVC and aluminium home window frames require extremely little upkeep. A simple wipe over with a wet towel every now and then is more than enough to keep your home windows looking like the day they were fitted.

Replacing your home windows reduces time spent on maintaining them.

Typical hardwood windows require a lot of maintenance. They need far more maintenance as well as regular monitoring over than uPVC or aluminium windows. As wood is an all-natural material it is vulnerable to moving in different environment conditions. It’s not unusual for timber home window structures to diminish, swell, split or bend gradually. The natural compose of lumber means that it is also susceptible to rot.

Replacing your old home windows with a much more modern as well as cutting-edge remedy gets rid of the need for normal maintenance. Whether you select uPVC or aluminium you can have peace of mind that your home windows will greatly take care of themselves, leaving you more time to spend on the essential stuff.

New home windows improve your residences visual

If you’re aiming to improve your residences curb charm, after that changing your home windows is a surefire way to achieve this. Choose from our large range of window designs, materials, colours as well as hardware to find the ideal search for you. Both our uPVC and also aluminium home windows use a huge range of option.


There’s no surprise that uPVC has been one of the nation’s most preferred choices of home windows for many years. It’s a flexible and dependable material that calls for marginal maintenance and also available in an array of styles, colours and also surfaces to match and also enhance houses from any type of era.

Our uPVC home windows are readily available in a selection of attractive colours, varying from timeless shades such as White and also Cream via to woodgrain aluminum foils which mimic the all-natural appearance of wood for a low-maintenance option to wood. We can likewise use double colour alternatives, developing a different appearance inside and also beyond your residence as well as giving you increased style selection when picking new windows.

Our uPVC windows come available in a full range of designs selections that include casement, tilt as well as turn, flush sash home windows, French windows and sash windows.


Our Aluminium windows are smooth as well as contemporary. If you reside in a modern-day style home as well as want an option to uPVC, Turkington Windows supply and install aluminium windows which give a streamlined contemporary look that is ideal for newer properties. Every one of our aluminium frameworks are offered in any kind of RAL colour, so you can keep your aesthetic traditional and also minimal or push the limits and go vibrant.

The major benefit of our aluminium windows is their strong frames and tidy sightlines. Not only does this vastly improve the look of the window and also the property it’s mounted in, however the increased glass room also permits much more light to go into a space. Our aluminium windows come as casement or tilt as well as turn and also can be suited with the ranges of aluminium doors that Turkington additionally offers.

Changing your windows supplies a smoother opening as well as closing experience

If your home has old windows, you might have observed that they have become significantly hard to open up and also close. It is necessary that you do not disregard this issue as a home window that isn’t shutting appropriately positions a protection danger as it makes it easier for bad guys to open up as well as get in with. It can also make your home much less power efficient as warm from your home is shed via open voids.

Investing in contemporary home windows will keep your home risk-free, secure and energy-efficient. Not just this, you will experience convenience of procedure every time you open and close your home windows for years to find. Our replacement windows include high protection locking as standard to maintain any type of would-be intruders away, and also they come with a 10-year assurance for added assurance, although you can expect your window to last a lot longer than that.

Replacing your windows will certainly enhance the worth of your house

When investing in your house, it’s important to think of the possible returns when you eventually sell and also proceed. Changing your windows is an ensured way to raise your residence’s value because they make your home feel and look much more eye-catching. Not just do brand-new home windows enhance the visual allure of your residence to prospective customers, however brand-new home windows also suggest far better safety and security, effectiveness, as well as noise security. These are all factors that buyers consider when they remain in the marketplace for a new residence. Buying brand-new windows before marketing your home can see you make a large return on investment as purchasers will pay more for a house with lovely modern-day windows.

New windows will boost soundproofing

If you live near an airport terminal, by an institution, or on a busy street, sound from the outside world can be at a high level in your home which can be truly turbulent and unpleasant when you’re trying to relax in your house. Replacing your home windows with dual or triple glazing can significantly decrease the outside sound transmission right into your residence. In many cases, depending on what glazing they opt for as well as where they lie, home owners have gained from a noise reduction of as much as 90% with new windows.

Changing windows can aid safeguard carpetings and furnishings from fading (UV protection).

Ultraviolet, or UV, rays come from the sunlight and enter through the home windows of our houses. Extended exposure to UV rays can contribute to your furniture and also curtains fading in time. Artwork and also photos held on your wall surfaces are also prone to fading if subjected to UV rays. Double-glazed home windows function to reduce the quantity of UV light that goes into the space and aids to minimize indoor fading by to as much as 95%. Our Planitherm Overall + heat reflective finish provides added security for your home.

New windows provide your family with much better safety and security.

At Turkington, we are focused on bringing our consumers the most effective doors and windows on the market. Our ‘Turkington Secure’ windows are also designed to enhance your home’s security by utilizing the very best of locks, structures, glass, setup, and also style options.

We use high-security multi-point securing on all of our home window alternatives. Our home windows are screw fixed, foamed, sealed, and also trimmed to Glass and also Glazing Federation installment criteria. This means that every window is firmly set up. You can take a look at Windows Dublin for more information.